Case Study

NHS hospital seeks additional heating during cold snap

Having worked within the healthcare sector for decades, we have developed numerous long-standing relationships with clients in this field. So when one of them – a hospital in Somerset – contacted us in search of some temporary heating units, we reacted quickly to satisfy their requirements.

Although an existing climate control system was already in place, it did not sufficiently warm patients and visitors when seasonal temperatures dropped. We were therefore tasked with providing a supplementary heating arrangement to work alongside what was already present.

A member of our expert contact centre suggested that four DE25 electric fan units be deployed around the vicinity, and these were delivered and installed within four hours of contact. Capable of operating automatically, and with low associated running costs, this particular product was regarded as ideal for the application because of its compact yet robust frame.

The hire proved to be greatly successful, and ensured that visitors to the hospital encountered a comfortable environment before being attended to. Our units remained in place for a number of weeks and were collected by an Andrews delivery driver once outdoor temperatures improved.

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