Case Study

Marquee heating disaster avoided thanks to Andrews Heat for Hire

As the clocks go back and the nights draw in earlier, its quite common that the need for heating is overlooked when hosting an outdoor event. This happened recently when a popular wedding venue in Essex called Andrews Heat for Hire for assistance the day before a big wedding.

The venue has a large permanent marquee in which is popular all year round for parties, weddings and much more. With the early Autumn temperature being relatively mild, they had no need to turn on their fixed heating system for the marquee. However, when the temperature quickly dropped the venue decided to test the heater to ensure there was no issues for the upcoming wedding, unfortunately the fixed solution failed to start leaving them with an issue to overcome quickly.

Once discovering Andrews Heat for Hire online, the venue called our trained team to assist. After getting a few details about the marquee we suggested the perfect solution for the venue, in this case it was a short-term hire of a ID65 portable indirect fired oil heater. Taking full advantage of our marquee heater special offer, we supplied the heater, ducting and a full 90 litre fuel tank for same day delivery.

After a speedy installation and a quick demonstration on how to operate the unit, the venue was delighted with the quick service and efficient solution – they have since rehired for another event while they’re waiting for the fixed solution to be repaired. Don’t let the cold hinder your event – call our team today on 0800 211 611.

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