Case Study

Major water provider requires intervention from Sykes

When regional water and sewage companies encounter difficulties, the implications could potentially affect tens of thousands of people at any one time. So when a northern provider required a temporary pump system while essential maintenance was carried out, they contacted us in search of a tailor-made solution.

There was a need to sustain a flow of effluent to a filter tank while the customer’s syphon to spreader arms were replaced. This was accomplished by offering a 3” submersible sewage pump feeding pipework spread around the feed bed.

This course of action was recommended by a Sykes technician who was able to analyse the unique demands of the application before proposing a hire package. Despite the specialist nature of this project, we had the equipment installed and fully operational within a few hours of callout.

Our swift response therefore allowed vital repair works to be carried out immediately, which was the main reason the client approached us in the first place.

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