Case Study

Major London building site seeks temporary heating

With several prominent construction projects currently underway in and around Canary Wharf, the contractors involved frequently seek heating and drying equipment to assist certain processes. Falling seasonal temperatures can result in assignments being delayed if not combated quickly, and when this began to look like a possibility for one of our customers, they contacted us in search of some temporary heating.

The client was overseeing a substantial build in one of the Europe’s largest business districts, but could not proceed further until wet concrete had dried completely.

After conducting a thorough assessment of the area, one of heating specialists put together a suitable hire package based on the application’s requirements. Three FH185 indirect fired units were delivered to the site and stationed on the top floor of a 12-storey tower.

This was due to space constraints on the floors below and meant we had to duct warm air downwards to ensure it reached the concrete. Our solution proved so effective that the customer has decided to retain our equipment until after the New Year.

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