Case Study

Major beverage producer kept functional by Andrews Chillers

As with virtually any form of production, there are stringent control standards in place to protect consumers and ensure that goods are of the expected quality. This practice is particularly prevalent in the food and beverage industry, and this lead to an esteemed customer requiring hired air conditioning for a large storage facility when summer temperatures struck.

A lack of ventilation in the bottling area meant that a temporary solution was needed while a modern cooling system was installed on site. The size of the application meant that a 100kW chiller was more suitable than a series of smaller portable units, and this was delivered to the client’s premises less than 24 hours after receiving the enquiry.

The chiller was located next to a temporary chiller, also supplied by Andrews Chiller Hire for a separate project a few weeks earlier, with pipework connecting it to two air handlers stationed internally. Both air handlers were manually manouvered into their desired positions and deployed in areas which would not restrict operations within the building itself.

Andrews Chiller Hire therefore overcame a number of potential challenges to implement a practical cooling arrangement which was estimated to remain in place until at least the end of August.

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