Case Study

London station seeks emergency intervention after flooding

When flooding threatens to interfere with your operation, our market-leading response ensures an appropriate solution is put in place quickly to prevent any process from being brought to a standstill. Sykes Pumps’ swift reaction to urgent callouts enables us to tackle the underlying cause of any water-related issue while taking into consideration the wider requirements of our clients.

So when one of South London’s busiest railway stations suffered flooding on its tracks, large volumes of rainwater had to be cleared immediately in order for trains to continue servicing the line.

The pressing nature of the situation meant a hire package had to be proposed within minutes of receiving the enquiry – which occurred out of normal working hours. It was, therefore, decided that a single 8” Super Wispaset 200 pump would be suitable for this particular task, and the unit was delivered and installed within two hours of initial contact.

Despite only being made aware of the problem late in the evening, we were able to implement a practical pumping solution without visiting the site beforehand. Our decisive action during a critical period ensured the railway line was fully functional the next morning, with no delays whatsoever incurred by passengers.

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