Case Study

London office seek emergency heating solution from Andrews Heat for Hire

When a London-based software development company encountered heating issues during the winter period, Andrews Heat for Hire was called in to provide a heater hire solution for their converted office space.

The call to our specialists came following complaints from staff, with seasonal temperatures dropping below freezing. Our client is leasing the office space and therefore reluctant to invest in permanent heating equipment. A temporary heater hire package was urgently required instead.

Following an extensive site survey, our specialists delivered and installed an IG65 gas heater and provided gas bottles to keep it running. The temporary unit was placed on the first-floor mezzanine area, with warm air ducted into the two target locations through a door opening.

By implementing the heater rental within hours of receiving the enquiry, we were able to provide effective climate control for the office – giving staff the benefit of a constant supply of warm air.

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