Case Study

London building site requires dehumidification equipment

At Andrews, we appreciate that construction sites may face humidity issues and in some circumstances, require emergency drying. So when a building contractor working on a site in London encountered a burst sewage pipe, an immediate solution was needed to allow the project to move forward.

The customer originally hired pumps from us to remove liquid from several areas, and once this was complete portable driers were sought to accelerate the process. Following a site visit, one of our specialist advisors recommended six portable dehumidifier units and two efficient electric fan heaters.

These were delivered and installed within a couple of hours of the assessment, underlining our commitment to offering our clients an unbeatable response time. Six HD500 dryers were therefore deployed inside the affected rooms, and two DE25 model heaters were used to assist the procedure.

Our hire package was more than sufficient in restoring the entire vicinity back to its previous condition, and ensured work could recommence much sooner than our customer envisaged.

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