Case Study

Local newsroom requires ventilation for underground demolition

When a building is demolished or structurally altered, it is vitally important that a ventilation system is in place to ensure areas with restricted air flow are safe for people working on site. The planned removal of walls four floors below the ground level of a multi-story site was therefore dependent on our intervention.

Andrews Ventilation was tasked with providing a regular flow of fresh air throughout the area whilst also removing air that had been contaminated by industrial equipment. The purpose of the demolition was to remove concrete pillars, pipes and obsolete metalwork as part of refurbishment to the lower levels of the building.

A total of six fans were sited on the ground floor car park – four units being used for extraction purposes and two for providing clean air from above. Our FV900 models were specifically chosen to direct potentially hazardous air away from the demolition zone while two FV300 fans helped maintain a constant circulation of fresh air.

The ventilation hire solution was proposed following a site survey and proved extremely effective despite obvious logistical challenges. All work was subsequently completed on time which enabled the next phase of development to begin ahead of schedule.

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