Case Study

Local authority seeks Sykes’ input on canal repair project

Like almost everything, canals, banks and locks require sporadic maintenance and inevitably succumb to wear and tear over time. A wide range of work may be undertaken to help preserve a canal and its surroundings, with the primary objectives normally being to prevent any long-term disruption to waterways and avoid any environmental destruction.

For more specific projects, such as the repairing of canal walls, a planned approach may be necessary to ensure conditions allow the work to be completed successfully.

The local authority responsible for maintaining the Stroud Canal recently uncovered some damaged walls that required immediate attention. There were concerns that a failure to take swift action might compromise the integrity of the walls’ structure and cause much greater problems in the future.

At this juncture, Sykes Pumps was called in to provide a rental solution that could remove water from the affected regions and then keep water levels down via the use of floats. We calculated that a single Super Wispaset 100 would easily fulfil this function, with the added advantage that it could operate quietly within what is ordinarily a reasonably peaceful environment.

Our pump was kept running 24/7 to keep the wall surfaces dry, allowing critical restoration work to be carried out while specific sections were drained.

The client admitted to being pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of our pump hire installation, which served the intended purpose without any issue whatsoever. We have previously demonstrated our expertise with similar applications elsewhere, and the effectiveness of this solution further highlights why we’re the industry’s first choice for temporary pump solutions.

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