Case Study

Leisure facility requests pumps for groundwater removal

At Sykes Pumps, we pride ourselves on handling dewatering schemes efficiently and at the first time of asking. A high water table at a caravan park was causing delays to a construction programme, and when a competitor tried unsuccessfully to rectify the problem, we were asked to provide a solution that would do the required job.

Our client originally had three pumps on site but their ineffectiveness meant an alternative pump hire arrangement was necessary. Environmental Agency licencing laws stipulated that water could not be pumped directly into a nearby river, meaning the designated discharge point was set approximately 500 metres away from site.

It was decided that two 8” Sykes super silenced diesel pumps would adequately remove the groundwater, while lengths of hosing and two settlement tanks were also utilised.

The central lifting eyes on our pumps were used to position the units, as there was no fork-lift truck available at the park, while wet conditions and soft terrain also meant that our delivery vehicles had to be rubber tracked. Once set up, our pumping system worked perfectly and successfully completed a project that the previous contractor was unable to conclude.

The customer was then able to proceed with necessary excavation work, with concrete foundations laid in the absence of groundwater.

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