Case Study

Hotel hosting training courses kept cool during summer

With temperatures for much of June far warmer than they have been in previous years, there has been a prevalent need for more temporary cooling as our clients strive to keep staff and guests cool. And this was certainly true of a highly-regarded guesthouse located in south central England, with the entire premises booked by a major customer for a whole month.

Two large marquees stationed within the grounds were being used for training events, but without air conditioning these would quickly become too hot for people inside.

We devised a suitable hire package based on the size of the structures and delivered all equipment well before visitors could arrive at the hotel. This comprised of two 100kW fluid chillers, one 200kw chiller and almost thirty 15kW air handler units.

A regional technician oversaw the installation and returned to site frequently to ensure everything was operating as expected. The solution we provided worked perfectly and helped keep vast numbers of people comfortable throughout the period in which our units were on hire.

The project has even paved the way for an additional contract next year, with contingency cooling and heating due to be required at the same venue circa February 2016.

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