Case Study

Large vessel ventilated during restoration

As the UK’s leading provider of ventilation hire equipment, we are very well acquainted with companies operating within a broad range of industries – including refineries and petrochemical applications. Our commitment to working alongside major clients immersed in this field saw us provide a comprehensive ventilation solution for one of the country’s largest oil producers.

This commitment was perfectly encapsulated when a huge FPSO (Floating Product, Storage and Offloading) vessel docked in the North East requiring vital modification and life extension. Typically, these are out at sea for months on end and return to land only for short periods – meaning the timeframe for work to be carried out is always very limited. It was our client’s intention for this formidable ship (250 metres in length and weighing 53,000 tonnes) to eventually produce oil from an offshore field in the North Sea, with an emphasis on the restoration cycle passing as quickly as possible.

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