Case Study

Lancashire sewage network extended following Sykes Pumps’ intervention

The erosion of a river bank is likely to have both economic and safety consequences if not addressed quickly – particularly in a built-up area. So when the waterfront of a prominent Lancashire river began to wash away, there were fears it could interfere with nearby sewage lines.

There was, therefore, an urgent requirement for a new sewer to be constructed and connected to the original network in order to complete a diversion. Sykes Pumps were then approached by a prominent UK infrastructure company and asked to provide equipment that would accelerate this process.

After assessing the site and considering the project’s unique requirements, we proposed the deployment of two eight inch diesel pumps which would help create a bypass system. Our equipment would be used to help maintain a controlled flow by overpumping waste at ground level while foundations were laid beneath.

To the client’s satisfaction, our solution worked perfectly and was pivotal in averting potentially catastrophic  sewage contamination. The new pipework has now been successfully laid, with the route evading lines that were situated close to the river.

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