Case Study

Lancashire hospital hires air cleaners to assist with COVID-19 clinical trials

With the medical sector still under immense pressure to limit the impact of COVID-19, ongoing remedial research is certain to play a critical role in developing treatments and a vaccine. As part of this process, many hospitals are running clinical trials involving patients to help healthcare professionals improve their understanding of the current situation.

All testing environments are bound by strict operating parameters and legislation to ensure that work is undertaken as safely as possible. Each hospital is responsible for investigating a particular strand of research, with a private centre in Lancashire specifically assessing the effects of COVID-19 in relation to lung-related illnesses.

Our client specialises in providing a range of services under the Preston NHS Trust and was looking to take every safety precaution available to them. The trials were being overseen in two small operating theatres that required closely monitored conditions to ensure the integrity of any findings.

An air filtration system was deemed critically important, with the client also suggesting it was necessary to achieve as many as 15 air changes per hour. The customer explained that the main functions of air filtration are to remove contaminants, reduce the likelihood of particulate entering a wound and eliminate the risk of infection by creating a protective sterile zone around a patient.

An Andrews expert arrived on site less than two hours after an enquiry was received and assessed the two applications before proposing an air filtration hire system. Our technician recommended the deployment of two AC1600 units – one for each operating room – with the equipment located in protective casing on the roof of the building and ducting fed through a void in the ceiling. This arrangement was recommended because it allowed a powerful source of air extraction to sit less than one metre away from the patient.

The customer was delighted with the solution provided by our regional specialist, who was able to adapt a cost-effective air filtration system that complied with stringent industry regulations. We are very pleased to be playing a small part in assisting a vital clinical investigation and note our client’s delight at the noticeable improvement in indoor air quality.

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