Case Study

International steel manufacturer saved six-figure sum

Andrews Dehumidification has helped one of Europe’s largest steel producers save a staggering £120,000 this winter, after providing them with a tailor-made drying arrangement. The steelworks had previously sought assistance from a competitor but extortionate fuel costs led to them to search elsewhere for a more cost-efficient solution.

Sophisticated dehumidification equipment was required in order to protect a huge steel shipment ahead of transportation. Seasonal conditions either side of Christmas typically see higher moisture content in the air, which in turn leads to condensation forming on interior surfaces – including valuable items.

Our client was extremely concerned about the prospect of their steel corroding and losing saleable value, meaning a dehumidification hire package was needed immediately. A regional expert visited the customer’s premises and proposed installing both KT2000 desiccant dehumidifiers and DH600 refrigerant dryers to ensure the condensation was counteracted properly.

Despite having to contend with access and space issues, we were able to strategically deploy a total of eight dehumidifiers around the application and maximise their effectiveness. The manufacturer estimated that our equipment has allowed them to save up to £800 a day in fuel costs and protect goods valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our swift response underlines our ability to implement hire systems to suit precise specifications at short notice without compromising performance.

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