Case Study

International firm kept functional by Andrews Chillers

As the dependency on computer hardware continues to rise among large organisations, it has become more and more important for said equipment to be kept online at all times. So when a well-known global company suffered air conditioning failure in its Milton Keynes data room, a solution was required urgently.

A leak discovered one Saturday afternoon prevented pipework from carrying chiller water to the air handlers on site. This problem led to the whole air conditioning system being decommissioned and threatened to cost thousands of pounds in lost productivity. Blade servers used inside the facility house multiple components meaning that although space is conserved, this particular piece of hardware gives off approximately 40% more heat than traditional alternatives.

Our response was to assess the two storey site before eventually deploying a 750kW chiller unit, five air handlers, a generator and a fuel tank on two different parts of the premises. The dependability of our substitute equipment was absolutely imperative as further breakdown would have caused our client considerable disorder.

The hire arrangement we proposed however proved sufficient and allowed the building’s maintenance team to shut down their whole system to facilitate repairs. Our temporary set-up ensured the both floors of the data centre were then kept cool while this process was carried out, per the customer’s requirement.

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