Case Study

Hotel chain undergo major refurbishment with help from Andrews heaters

When a world renowned hotel group were undergoing a refurbishment on the latest addition to their chain of hotels, Andrews were called in to provide the building with a temporary heating hire arrangement. The client required space heating to be distributed within the building, mainly to the stairwell, during the planned refurbishment works.

Our experts surveyed the project, proposing a heater hire package that would fulfill the needs of a major client. Several ID 65 oil-fired units were recommended, due to their ability to be used in places with limited ventilation.

The rental unit was positioned within the compound of the hotel, with the warm air being ducting in through the building windows – providing the building and construction workers with sufficient heating.

Once operational, our heaters ensured a stable temperature was constantly maintained. The customer was extremely pleased with the swift response from our specialist team and the accurate advice contributed to the seamless completion of a new prestigious hotel.

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