Case Study

Holiday park seek heating solution from Andrews Heat for Hire

During the cold winter months, failure to maintain an effective heating supply can lead to public facilities closing temporarily until a suitable replacement can be sourced. So, when a highly popular holiday park was seeking a climate control equipment for their pool area, Andrews Heat for Hire was called in to provide our assistance.

After suffering a breakdown with their air handling units, the client in question requested a short-term heating arrangement to heat their £5million swimming and leisure complex while repairs were being carried out.

After a site survey was conducted by one of our local specialists, it was decided that an FH4000 oil heater would be positioned outside of the complex and used to provide instant heat to the pool area via lengths of ducting.

Once operational, our temporary heating solution ensured a stable temperature was constantly maintained – keeping the pool area open while ensuring visitors were kept warm and comfortable throughout their stay.

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