Case Study

Historic warship undergoes major refit courtesy of Sykes Pumps

With a broad array of pumps available for hire across the entire country, we are frequently adapting complex solutions tailored to suit our clients’ needs. We also recognise that different industries will have different requirements, and have the breadth of resources necessary to ensure all can be accommodated.

So when a dockyard near Plymouth contacted us in search of hired equipment to aid a boat renovation, we were able to propose an appropriate package. One of the UK’s most renowned serving warships required repainting and had been moved to a dry dock to facilitate this process.

Two P1501 submersible drainage pumps were originally used for the ship to be washed down over the weekend. These were then repositioned a few days later to help remove the diluted water.

The pumps were installed by two Sykes engineers who returned midway through the assignment to oversee their redeployment. The customer was extremely happy with the effectiveness of our units which allowed the first phase of restoration to be successfully completed.

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