Case Study

High water table threatens to bring bridge construction to a standstill

When members of Reading Borough Council identified a particularly hazardous stretch of road within the area, they were keen to have an elevated footbridge constructed to enable pedestrians to cross safely.

However, a high water table due to the River Thames being in close proximity meant that a cofferdam would need to be built once the surrounding area had been successfully drained. A 24-hour pumping system was therefore needed indefinitely, with a Super Wispaset  hired to the client following the initial enquiry.

We were then approached by the customer a few weeks later about the possibility of providing an additional unit to work alongside the one on site. By the next morning, another pump was delivered and made fully operational – helping to accelerate the project.

Our equipment remained on hire for around six months until the designated stretch had been cleared of all water, thus allowing concrete and steel supports for the bridge to be erected.

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