Case Study

High capacity heating arrangement assists concrete curing process

Temperature can have a major effect on trade works, and it is important to take it into consideration before working with concrete during winter. This applies to both the ambient air temperature and that of the concrete itself, with undesirable conditions likely to affect the strength and integrity of the end product.

The potential for complications caused by cold weather is something construction firms are extremely aware of, prompting a national building and logistics company to approach us before they laid concrete slabs on a development in Milton Keynes.

Our client was looking to raise temperatures within a structure on site, with an estimated 5-10⁰C increase required in order to be certain that concrete was laid correctly. Given the urgency of the situation, Andrews Heat for Hire arranged for a local expert to visit site and conduct a thorough visual survey which allowed a suitable proposal to be put forward to the customer.

It was recommended that an FH4000 indirect fired heater was deployed outside the building, with lengths of ducting used to help direct warm air inside. Additionally, two high capacity AS950 ventilation fans were positioned within the premises to ensure the heat was evenly distributed around what was quite a large working space.

The contractor was delighted with the heater hire package and requested that we carry out the installation at the weekend to prevent them falling further behind schedule. With engineers available 24/7, this was something we were able to accommodate without any issue and meant that the kit was operational less than 20 hours after we were originally contacted.

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