Case Study

Healthcare company seeks production line cooling

Pharmaceutical applications are often reliant on constantly low temperatures being maintained, either for manufacturing or storing tablets and capsules. At Andrews Chillers, we understand that excessive warmth will directly affect the condition of whatever it is that is being produced or stored.

So when one of the world’s leading healthcare organisations encountered chiller breakdown at its Leicestershire headquarters, a replacement hire was sought straightaway.

Unless a temporary solution could be sourced quickly, output would have fallen below its expected level and potentially cost the customer a substantial sum of money. We received an emergency enquiry late in the evening and after the initial contact it was agreed that we visited to assess the situation.

Upon visiting the premises, we proposed a 200kW fluid chiller which was delivered and set-up within a few hours of our arrival. The chiller solution provided solved the problem at hand, with our equipment actually remaining on hire longer than originally envisaged because of its effectiveness.

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