Case Study

Hampshire boat manufacturer seeks temporary heating

When seasonal temperatures began to drop, a yacht building company based on the South Coast required a short-term heating hire solution. The client was in need of a portable unit to keep employees working on the site warm, and contacted us in search of some suitable equipment.

A member of our contact team handled the enquiry and recommended the most appropriate heating product based on specifications outlined by the customer. A single ID60 indirect fired unit was subsequently proposed, and this was delivered   to the boat yard within hours of the initial call.

This particular heater was suggested due to its aptitude for deployment in buildings where ventilation may be limited. The ID60 has the capacity to increase temperatures in areas of up to 1,500m³ in size which was more than adequate in this situation.

Our swift response allowed the client to continue offering its on-site services, including manufacturing, rigging and carrying out repair works. The hire was therefore a success because it ensured one of the UK’s leading boat facilities remained functional across all factions of its business.

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