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Groundbreaking new Super Wispaset UVO 150/100 launched at Hillhead exhibition

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Sykes Super Wispaset UVO 150/100 which we look forward to introducing at this year’s Hillhead exhibition. The new product incorporates the tried and tested Orion pump end and Sykes’ unique vacuum priming system, but is now available with the latest specification engine to conform to environmental standards.

The pump’s Tier 4-compliant Volvo TAD870VE engine ensures a significant reduction in harmful emissions and easily meets all European regulations. This market-leading engine guarantees environmentally friendly performance and uses just 16.8 litres of fuel per hour – equating to a 10% fuel saving against comparable models available elsewhere.

Our latest innovation is contained within a sound-reducing canopy and has a maximum noise level of just 70dBA at seven metres. Impressive performance capabilities include a maximum head of 93 metres and maximum flows of up to 120 litres per second, rendering it perfect for challenging high head duties where reliability is key.

It has an advanced built-in telemetry system that provides users with comprehensive performance monitoring statistics, tracking details, oil pressures and other information. You can also start/stop the unit remotely if necessary, enabling an immediate and safe shutdown in the event of emergency.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Volvo TAD870VE engine for optimum performance
  • Low noise levels for use in built-up areas
  • Low emissions and compliant with latest European legislation
  • Telemetry system for external performance monitoring and location tracking
  • Remote start/stop for full control on or off site
  • High head capable of discharge heads of over 90 metres
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant for challenging outdoor locations
  • Sykes auto self-priming enabling automatic priming from dry for ease of use

Chris Graham, Sales Director at Sykes Pumps, said: “This new 6” x 4” high performance pump features the latest technology and is Tier 4 compliant in relation to engine emissions. In addition, all wet end components are manufactured from high chrome iron alloy, providing both excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.

“An innovative control panel includes a forward-thinking telemetry system, while a robust canopy substantially reduces noise output when the pump is in operation. The pump is designed to deliver class leading head and flow performance whilst being highly efficient, to reduce running costs.”

For more information on the Sykes Super Wispaset UVO150/100, or for any other pump within our expansive hire fleet, call us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, you can click here to see a detailed overview of our latest unit including product specifications and suitable environments.

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