Case Study

Four-storey office provided with emergency air conditioning hire

A leading facilities management company in Scotland was recently tasked with providing emergency cooling for one of their biggest clients, following the untimely breakdown of their internal chiller system.

The client in question desperately required an effective cooling solution for a large four-storey building occupied by more than 400 employees in Clydebank, near Glasgow. As a result, a local Andrews technician was sent to site to conduct a free site survey and recommend a suitable air conditioning hire package that would reduce excessive temperatures during the peak of summer.

After conducting an assessment of the premises, it was decided that four PAC 22 portable air conditioners would provide the necessary amount of cooling and substantially reduce temperatures as required. The rented air conditioning units were placed directly outside of the building, with cold air ducted in to provide each floor with instant, high-powered cooling.

Once operational, the short-term cooling solution succeeded in maintaining a comfortable working environment and ensuring a reliable source of air conditioning was restored while the client’s faulty system was repaired off-site.

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