Case Study

FM company seeks chiller hire on behalf of government authority

Andrews Chiller Hire was recently contacted by a prominent facilities manager looking to prevent a major client’s data centre from overheating. Our customer was aware that their chillers and condensers were no longer performing as expected, meaning a temporary hire solution was required to allow planned repairs to be carried out.

The client was looking to decommission all three of their chillers over a period of two days but could not have less than two units operating at any given time. This precise requirement necessitated that a team of Andrews engineers worked extremely closely with the site’s fitting team to ensure that sufficient cooling capacities were constantly available during peak loads.

Our response was to supply three 750kW chiller units – each with their own temporary pipework and 150-metre cable runs – and these were installed one at a time. The intricate nature of this arrangement meant that our engineers were working until late at night, which was greatly appreciated by the FM company.

Although the chiller rental was prearranged to allow for critical maintenance, there was still potential for disaster to strike should the data centre have gone offline at any point. The quick response and constant presence of our engineers on site during the changeover was greatly reassuring for the customer and provided peace of mind during a very delicate project. Thankfully, we were able to tailor an installation to suit the defined needs of our customer and prevent an outage that could have permanently lost information relating to millions of people in the UK.

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