Case Study

Farm storehouse suffers rainfall-induced leaks

Heavy rainfall has the potential to cause major disruption within the agricultural sector, so when this is not tackled properly, farmers can face devastating consequences. Although destroyed harvests are the most common side-effect of bad weather, farmhouses and barns are also at risk – along with their contents.

This was the situation one of our customers was faced with after a relentless spell of precipitation, which had left a large converted shed extremely damp. The shed was storing a huge quantity of dry wood which could potentially become unsaleable if not adequately protected from wet conditions.

Andrews Dehumidification were subsequently approached and, after recommending all timber be relocated in another building, proposed a hired solution to help restore logs back to their original state. It was then decided that an ID60 indirect fired oil heater working in conjunction with an HD500 refrigerant drying unit would help accelerate this process.

Our equipment remained on hire until the assignment was complete, ensuring the client’s goods were fit for distribution – the sole requirement of this particular project.

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