Case Study

Famous London-based tailor seeks cooling equipment for customers

In some scenarios, cooling fans can be more a more effective and suitable way of reducing temperature than conventional air conditioning units. The Andrews cooling fan hire range has been specifically designed for this type of situation, and our units are regularly deployed in shops, retail outlets and similar environments.

A London heatwave during the summer of 2016 saw a longstanding customer approach us for some ventilation equipment, which they had used to cool their shop floor on previous occasions. Our client – one of Britain’s most esteemed tailors – was based in Westminster, and was looking to keep people comfortable while they browsed.

We decided to replicate the same hire solution used last summer, and this comprised of four ASF21 cooling fans and two larger ASF50 models. These were plugged into available power sockets and helped circulate high volumes of fresh, cool air throughout the entire store.

The equipment was originally sought for a one-week period but were retained for an additional week due to continued hot weather. Once again, the expertise of our local technician was appreciated and enabled a long-term partner to remain open for business without inconveniencing potential consumers.

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