Case Study

Famous beer manufacturer seeks production line cooling

When an internationally-renowned European brewery required urgent maintenance on their ammonia plants, a temporary chiller system was needed on site to prevent output levels from dropping.

Ammonia plants are used as a mechanism for converting natural gas into hydrogen and play a vital part in the cooling of whatever beverage is being produced. Failure to address the issue quickly would have seen our client incur costs running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, so it was imperative a technician was on site shortly after we received the enquiry to ensure an appropriate course of action was taken.

Following an assessment by a qualified engineer, it was decided that approximately 3mW of cooling duty would be enough to ensure temperatures could remain at the desired -5°C. We subsequently proposed the hire of six 750kW chiller units, accompanied by the same number of 750kW chiller pumps. Our units were fixed to existing manifolds, while hosing was secured to scaffolding and suspended at heights of up to 18 metres.

This solution allowed the customer’s on-site equipment to be serviced during a one-week time window and without production coming to a halt at any stage. As the sole beer supplier to an upcoming sporting event, the company involved were understandably pleased that our swift intervention guaranteed that there would be no problems before the competition began.

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