Case Study

Facilities manager hires dehumidification solution on behalf of pharmaceutical client

When pharmaceuticals and tablets are manufactured, it is of paramount importance that the production climate conditions are meticulously regulated. If this is not done properly, then production processes may be disrupted and these items may lose their potency or even deteriorate prior to distribution.

A multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in London was recently faced with this actuality, and we were tasked with providing a solution by their facilities manager. Relative humidity issues were proving extremely detrimental to the overall procedure, so an immediate response was essential.

Following a detailed site survey conducted by one of our experienced technicians, we suggested a KT2000 desiccant dryer be deployed outside the building. Air was then ducted into and from the targeted room via a 32m length of ducting, with this system regarded as more practical than alternatives available within our fleet. As a result, we were able to reduce temperatures and humidity levels in accordance with the very particular requirements outlined.

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