Case Study

Extreme electric racing seeks Andrews Heat emergency heating

Every year, London is selected as the ideal location for many exciting and innovative events – and 2019 has so far proven to be no different. One of these well-attended events recently took place near London Bridge, where a historic ship hosted an extreme electric car racing event.

The ship, which used to be a Royal Mail vessel servicing British territory, is the first of its kind to be used for this type of occasion. The rationale behind the choice stems from it being perceived as more environmentally friendly than traditional racing.

The project manager recently contacted  Andrews Heat for Hire in search for a solution to heat up the main cargo hold of the ship. This is the area in which the national press and industry experts would be hosted, but low seasonal temperatures meant it would be too cold unless outside assistance was sought.

Our experts visited the site to carry out a site survey and decide which units would best suit the application. They settled on five DE190 40kW electric heaters, which come with multiple power settings to provide the user with a greater degree of cost-saving flexibility.

The units were chosen due to their size and heating capacity, which allowed them to be lifted onto the ship via crane to provide safe, clean heat without any flame.

Our team delivered the equipment to the customers at the docks and loaded them onto the ship before the ship itself sailed up the Thames.

The equipment provided a more than ample solution and immediately alleviated the customer’s concerns about whether sufficient heating capacities could be generated. As a result, they were extremely satisfied with our service and our units, stating: “we needed a non-combustible clean heating system to force air around the hold of the ship, which is exactly what we were provided with.”

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