Case Study

Experimental Laboratory Require An Andrews Dehumidification Hire Tailored Solution

A research laboratory located in Leicester needed to carry out special tests – at a cold temperature – using a newly developed data gathering robot. The experiment took place in a sealed cold room, similar to the one of a walk in fridge. Once the testing began, the researchers noticed that the robot wasn’t as productive as expected. The problem was investigated and they noticed that condensation was forming on the metal robot, this was preventing the experiment from working efficiently. As a result they needed very dry air at a low temperature for the perfect outcome.

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was contacted to provide a tailored solution. Consequently a site survey was essential to establish the best answer. The classic desiccant dehumidification solutions could not be used due to the room not having any openings which could be used to duct dry air in or moist air out. Thus we engineered a solution which had the dehumidifier placed in the cold room and the moisture from the expelled wet air was collected in a vessel specifically engineered for this purpose. Accordingly, we supplied a DS40 Desiccant Dehumidifier and a adapted vessel to collect the wet air which was interfering with their testing process.

Not only did the researchers save money by not needing to modify their cold room, but the experiment was on schedule. Andrews Dehumidification Hire are experts at engineering tailored solutions with perfect results.

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