Case Study

Emergency drying solution gets pharmaceutical manufacturer back on track

Unprecedented levels of rainfall across South Wales caused largescale flooding throughout much of the region, including at the premises of a longstanding customer. Our client is responsible for manufacturing gelatins and peptides to form the coating of a range of pharmaceutical products – most commonly antibiotics – but the effects of Storm Dennis had seriously impeded their operations.

The company’s warehouse was left almost three feet deep in water, causing production to cease completely. Additionally, the heavy weather had left thousands of pounds worth of tablets submerged and unfit for use, causing a significant amount of wastage.

Unsurprisingly, our client was desperate for an effective dehumidifier hire solution to accelerate their flood recovery and restore both the warehouse and storage facility to a level of functionality that would allow manufacturing to recommence.

The urgent nature of the drying application meant that it would be quicker for the client to provide site drawings which our local technicians would then use to devise a suitable drying solution. Once received, our regional expert was able to provide a dehumidification hire solution that would provide sufficient drying capacities to accommodate all areas affected by dampness following flooding.

Within two hours of the solution being agreed, we delivered three DH150 refrigerant dehumidifiers and three HD500 building dryers to site before overseeing their installation. This high capacity drying package was strategically designed with these unique applications in mind, providing a combined dry out area of more than 6,000m³.

The client was ecstatic with the swift intervention of our team, whose immediate response ensured that a crippling emergency was addressed at the earliest opportunity. Our contact explained that the flood meant they were losing significant sums of money every day with business at a standstill prior to our arrival on site.

Interestingly, the customer also disclosed that they had opted to use our services instead of a competitor’s due to the efficiency with which we have handled their heating requirements on previous occasions.

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