Case Study

Emergency drying for history museum in the South of London

Andrews Dehumidification Hire was recently contacted by a popular museum in South London, after the institution required a temporary drying arrangement for a historic paper storage area.

The building in question is ‘Passivhaus’ which means it is built to be environmentally friendly, hence why this particular structure does not have any fixed plant systems. Due to the building being relatively new, the issue had never occurred before and therefore the consequences of high ambient moisture had not been properly prepared for.

After visiting the site, our experts decided to install four DH150 refrigerant dehumidifiers with a distribution board and condensate pumps. This type of unit represents a more economical alternative to desiccant dryers and although it does not require a lot of attention while in operation, is capable of drying large applications such as museums.

We also provided a DE65 portable electric heater to operate alongside the hired dehumidification equipment, which was useful in aiding the drying process by increasing temperatures inside.

The internal condensate pumps were used to pump moisture collected from the units to an outside source via 30m condensate hoses. This addressed all issues caused by the high moisture content and allowed a prominent museum to continue business as usual.

The equipment is currently providing drying to the storage area, which will keep the moisture levels low enough to prevent any artefacts from being damaged.

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