Case Study

Emergency cooling for kitchen showroom

Andrews Air Conditioning was recently contacted by a south eastern kitchen showroom requiring a cooling solution to battle high seasonal temperatures.

The greenhouse effect can in some cases cause extreme heat levels inside an enclosed space, which was the situation our client found themselves in. The showroom became uncomfortably stuffy for potential customers and staff members during the peak of summer, prompting the management team to contact our specialist to find a quick solution for the on-going issue.

We reacted immediately by sending a local specialist to carry out a site survey in order to establish the correct equipment needed on site. Due to the area being generally comprised of glass walls and windows – preventing the use of exhaust tube units – it was decided that deploying several Cyclone Dx Evaporative Coolers around the application would be the best response.

This unit is a fully portable evaporative cooler and has been designed to generate a steady stream of cool, fresh air via evaporation. These products are normally used where access to the outside is difficult or impractical, making them ideal in this situation. The equipment proved successful in creating a comfortable environment at the showroom, much to the client’s satisfaction.

Thanks to our quick response and the expertise of our regional technician, the client was sufficiently impressed to admit that they’d contact us as soon as a similar requirement surfaced. Our equipment proved extremely effective in countering the hot conditions and creating a welcoming environment, which was the ultimate aim prior to our intervention.

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