Case Study

Emergency chiller hire keeps vital healthcare amenities online

In hospitals and other healthcare environments, it is absolutely critical that medical equipment is kept at the correct temperature to ensure it remains functional and fit for purpose. When cooling equipment fails, it can have devastating repercussions for operational efficiency and delay patients awaiting much-needed treatment.

One of Kent’s largest hospitals was recently under pressure to source alternative air conditioning when their site chiller broke down without warning. This unforeseen scenario left the facility at risk of being unable to offer the required levels of care to hundreds of patients, meaning an urgent chiller hire solution was needed immediately.

Despite receiving an urgent enquiry at short notice, an Andrews technician was able to visit the premises and recommend an appropriate course of action within four hours. This quick response played a pivotal role in keeping a number of medical services operational and was simplified by our ability to conduct a free site survey quickly.

A 100kW fluid chiller was later delivered and deployed outside the main building and connected to the customer’s existing system via a series of temporary hoses. Once commissioned, the unit served to provide enough cooling to keep a vascular centre and urology suite in use – to the benefit of dozens of people who were dependent on their availability.

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