Case Study

Emergency chiller hire keeps court proceedings on schedule

If your air conditioning system is deficient and incapable of keeping your premises cool, the first sign of summer heat can leave you panicking. And this situation can be particularly troublesome if an excessively warm environment threatens to halt normal daily routine – like in a court of law!

So when an Essex magistrates’ began overheating in the middle of summer, it was imperative that steps were taken quickly to prevent criminal cases from being delayed. The site’s existing chiller equipment had proved inadequate and was incapable of combatting sweltering seasonal temperatures – hence the need for our intervention.

An Andrews Chiller Hire technician visited the client’s premises and proposed a high capacity 375kW chiller positioned externally next to affected building. The location of their existing plant room – on the fourth floor – presented us with a potential challenge, but this was overcome by fastening lengths of connecting hosing to the buildings outside wall.

Once commissioned, our chiller hire solution worked perfectly and ensured indoor temperatures were normalised per the customer’s original request. By responding to an emergency callout less than two hours after it was received, we were able to guarantee that court proceedings were kept on schedule and avert the waste of taxpayer money!

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