Case Study

Emergency boiler replacement keeps major IT consultant functional

When a boiler breaks down or loses effectiveness, a rapid response to the issue will help keep your building operational. Failure to address the situation quickly can have far-reaching implications for everyday businesses – including revenue loss. In December 2015, one of the UK’s biggest players in the IT sector suffered unexpected boiler failure at their briefing centre in Winchester, and this had the potential to delay a series of planned consultations with clients during the period.

The IT firm in question are wholly dependent on being able to host conferences because it enables them to ascertain the exact requirements of their partners. Without this, our customer is unable to provide the expected level of service and they will miss out on commercial opportunities as a result. The swift intervention of Andrews Boilers was therefore essential.

Our solution was to hire two 500kW boiler units and locate them alongside fuel tanks on shingle outside the existing boiler house. The IT company’s mechanical engineer provided us with a header inside the boiler house along with four PN60 80mm flanges, which allowed us to connect to the flow and return of the existing heating circuit. In total, they had four boilers which were defective and needing replacement, so two were taken offline at a time and replaced by the temporary units. This process was therefore conducted twice before the client could safely commission what was now a brand new heating and hot water system.

By delivering emergency equipment to site within hours of the original enquiry, we helped a large international corporation keep all appointments with key associates. Our boiler hire package was discreetly implemented and allowed a number of key meetings to ensue without disturbance.

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