Case Study

Air conditioning hire keeps international sports broadcaster operational

With companies under strict instructions to ensure social distancing is observed within their building, one of the world’s most well-known television broadcasters has relocated to larger premises to guarantee that the guidelines are safely practised.

Opting to vacate their normal UK offices for the foreseeable future, the organisation has instead moved into a converted warehouse to enable office staff, technical crew and other employees to work a sufficient distance apart. This has been a necessary measure during the COVID-19 crisis and meant that the entire workplace has been reconfigured to allow the desired segregation.

The speed of the transition meant that a practical air conditioning solution was required immediately, prompting our client’s estates manager to contact us late during a workday evening. By the following morning, our local expert had visited site and assessed the dimensions of the area where cooling was needed.

With dozens of people working in the vicinity alongside lighting units, broadcasting equipment, monitors and other electrical products, it was essential that the correct cooling capacity was supplied to accommodate the whole building. The hire of a single HPAC45 high performance air conditioning was proposed for outdoor deployment, with ducting used to help distribute large volumes of cool air on recirculation in order to maximise efficiency.

Despite receiving a call out of hours, we were able to deliver the unit to site by lunchtime the next day. Our client was delighted with the speed of service which provided a safe and comfortable working environment while simultaneously protecting vulnerable temperature-sensitive equipment during a hectic transmission schedule.

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