Case Study

Electric heaters for large London event

One of the UK’s largest exhibition centres stands alongside the River Thames in East London and is well-known for hosting major trade shows and other high-profile events. Due to our previous involvement with the venue, Andrews Heat for Hire is regularly asked to assist when events are hosted here.

A temporary external structure outwith the main building was being used to host props, robotics and other sensitive equipment portraying the world’s most famous super heroes, which unsurprisingly attracted a great deal of interest from fans across the country. Andrews was therefore tasked with keeping the attraction warm and dry given that the event ran during the winter months.

With the structure being a very large marquee, our specialist visited site only a few hours after the original call from the customer. The client specifically requested units with a small footprint due to space restrictions, with high heating capacities essential. It was also impressed upon us that the client desired a solution that was not reliant upon fuel due to constraints imposed by the organisers.

It was decided that the best solution was to use multiple DE190 electric heaters positioned strategically around the venue. These units can individually deliver 42 kW of heating off an electrical supply and provide clean and dry air from the moment they are in operation.

The equipment was delivered from our London location in Charlton, merely a stone’s throw away, allowing our engineers to install the units quickly – much to the customer’s satisfaction.

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