Case Study

Leading water company remain operational courtesy of Andrews Boilers

In the modern day, organisations across a full spectrum of sectors are looking for ways to curb energy costs wherever possible. Water companies, for example, spend an average of £1 million per year on electricity – one of their most significant overheads. There are several ways in which a proportion of this expenditure can be offset, with anaerobic digestion becoming increasingly common.

By breaking down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen, sludge waste can be heated before the resultant biogas is converted into electricity. In recent years, one of the country’s leading water contractors began adopting this process but when a high capacity boiler broke down on their site, a replacement was required immediately.

Following an emergency callout, an Andrews engineer visited the location and recommended that our client hire a 500kW boiler until a permanent alternative could be sourced. This was delivered within a few hours of the enquiry and accompanied by temporary pipework, connection flanges and a 3000 litre fuel tank.

Our boiler unit was connected to the customer’s existing flow and return circuit which ensured enough heat was generated for bacteria to start digesting the sludge. The swift service of our regional experts provided a nationally-known contact with a temporary solution, allowing the sludge processing to continue without a large backlog developing.

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