Case Study

Dryers help to restore conditions for leading food distribution company

When a leading food distribution company suffered a leak in their storage building, a significant quantity of frozen goods, beverages and other products were immediately at risk. The client – who was responsible for supplying to partners in the catering industry as well as retail outlets – called Andrews Dehumidification Hire seeking an urgent drying solution.

The leak was caused by warm air in the building’s ceiling void condensing moisture on the pipes that feed the glycol chilled system. As a result, a tailored solution was recommended which included two DH150 and four FD40 dehumidifiers designed for drying buildings.

As part of our dehumidification hire package, we also supplied the customer with condensate pumps which we situated in the ceiling void – pumping the condensate up to 30 meters away, outside of the building.

The customer was extremely pleased with the speed in which our specialists combatted the leakage, with our dehumidifier rental package playing a pivotal role in restoring conditions within the affected areas.

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