Case Study

Designated quarantine hotel hires air conditioning as chiller replacement

As part of a wider effort to prevent the spread of both new and existing COVID variants, strict measures are currently in place for people arriving from a ‘red list’ country. This now means that any person fulfilling the aforementioned criteria must stay in a managed quarantine hotel for 10 full days before they can proceed to their intended UK destination.

To help with the smooth implementation of this process, the government has assigned hotels in all major cities to be specifically used as quarantine centres.

Andrews Air Conditioning was recently contacted by one of these hotels after their chiller systems were taken offline to allow for urgent maintenance work. Following the issue, we received an emergency enquiry from the client’s estates team who sought a multi-unit air conditioning solution to cool occupied guest rooms across several floors of the building.

Our client was obliged to ensure that everyone staying at the hotel had access to a source of air conditioning, with temperatures regularly reaching the high 20s at the time of enquiry.

After discussing the requirement over the phone, it was decided that a total of 45 portable Polar Wind units would provide the desired number of rooms with cooling. The client originally suspected that additional equipment would be required, but their fixed VRV systems were still functioning properly and supplying air conditioning to communal areas within the building.

Within hours of the agreement being established, we delivered all units to the hotel in West London despite the potential logistical challenges of quickly coordinating a hire on this scale.