Case Study

Construction site in Kent avoids potentially crippling floods

When quarry water levels become too high, pumping is generally required to ensure that the surrounding areas do not succumb to flooding. In recent years,  Sykes Pumps have provided a number of temporary solutions to prevent this outcome and ensure variables are controlled at all times.

A recent  example of this occurred when a quarry in Kent became at risk of overflowing when sustained periods of rainfall caused water levels to rise to alarming levels. A permanent pumping arrangement was already in place on site, but this proved insufficient once prolonged spells of wet weather set in.

A supplementary hire package was needed to work alongside the existing arrangement as the water flowing in was actually greater than what could be pumped out. Sykes’ response was to deliver two additional pumps – a Super Wispa 200 unit and a custom-built Sykes UVO 200/150 model – which were used in conjunction with one another to prevent the floods from spreading.

A nearby construction site was initially thought to be in jeopardy and would have been badly affected had rising water levels reached the area. However, our technicians moved quickly to ensure this outcome was avoided – eventually lowering the water level by more than a metre during a three-month project.

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