Case Study

Commercial television regulators kept cool during summer

Sometimes, even recently constructed modern buildings can find themselves unprepared for extreme weather when it arrives. This was exemplified during the summer of 2016, when one of the country’s broadcasting governing bodies sought an emergency cooling hire package from Andrews Air Conditioning.

Our client’s Olympic Park base in Stratford was erected in 2012, but the chosen position of the building meant that occupants could suffer from seasonal heat due to its all-glass design. High outdoor temperatures had led to a number of offices becoming uncomfortable for members of staff inside, as well as those in the lobby and reception area.

The solution of our local specialist was to propose the deployment of five PAC 22 split-type air conditioning units, which have the capacity to instil a more desirable working environment.

Installation was carried out discretely and culminated in our connecting lines being concealed beneath a void in the floor. This was both a safety and aesthetics-related measure and eradicated the potential for someone to trip over our equipment. Once operational, our units helped bring temperatures down immediately – much to the satisfaction of a very concerned customer!

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