Case Study

Chiller solution instills perfect conditions for potato storage

In the agriculture sector, keeping crops and other produce at the right temperature is vitally important for its longevity, condition and edibility. Failure to do this can lead to an increased rate of deterioration and cause storage losses, ultimately costing farmers money. Spoilage is generally caused by the growth of mould or insect activity, and this is normally related to the moisture content and temperature of the product in question. Andrews Air Conditioning Hire have been provided a major arable farming company with high performance FC90 chillers to help control the conditions of its storage facility. Our client – based in Lincolnshire – requires cooling on an annual basis to help overcome seasonal heat and ensure seed potatoes are stored in an environment which is conducive to the process. Having worked alongside the customer for a fairly long period of time, we understand their specific requirements – and therefore how best to protect the yield.

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