Case Study

Canary Wharf dock regeneration overseen by Sykes Pumps

In the peak of summer, fresh water cannot hold as much dissolved oxygen when temperatures rise and this can have deadly implications for fish and other wildlife. The rapidly changing conditions make it extremely difficult for inhabitants to acclimatise, which, combined with the growth of algae, can cause a number of problems if not addressed quickly.

Oxygen depletion is the most common cause of fish deaths in ponds and lakes, so when a client encountered this issue during a period of warm weather, they contacted Sykes Pumps in search of a hire solution.

A large number of fish had died in the Canary Wharf docks meaning a fast response was required to help curtail further losses. We recommended that water was circulated through Venturi aerators by connecting them to 6” super silent pump units deployed on the site. This arrangement replaced toxins with oxygen-rich water and removed the bad odours that had developed in previous weeks.

The enquiry was handled by our flagship depot in Charlton – situated just a couple of miles away from the area – allowing pump hire equipment to be delivered and set-up within hours of initial contact. Our quick reaction played a crucial role in halting the deaths of additional fish and restoring the environment to acceptable ambient levels.

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