Case Study

British poultry farm hires temporary drying system

In many cases, a manufacturing process will require a reliable dehumidification arrangement to enable output levels to remain continuous. Whether our clients are working with electronic equipment, agricultural goods or corrosive materials, there is a common desire to keep operational conditions dry.

As the country’s leading supplier of drying equipment, we were the first port of contact for a large poultry farm who found that high relative humidity had begun to affect their production line. Rising indoor temperatures had led to condensation forming inside their facility, and this in turn caused colder work surfaces and flooring to become slippery underfoot. This scenario represented a serious breach of health and safety parameters meaning a workable solution was needed immediately.

Following a site survey, an Andrews technician recommended four KT2000 desiccant dehumidifier units which were strategically located to maximise the amount of vapour extracted from the atmosphere. Ideal for industrial practices, this particular model is equipped with mounted particulate and oil-removing filters – helping to replicate the room’s original conditions quickly and effectively.

This hire package adequately restored an environment conducive to uninterrupted production, with the condensation issue eliminated once dryers were installed. Our client was therefore extremely satisfied with our initial proposal and swift service which ensured distribution targets were met during a period of peak demand.

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