Case Study

Bespoke chiller hire arrangement keeps data centre online

As a company with a vast experience of designing customised cooling solutions for data centres, Andrews Chiller Hire are often the first port of call for companies looking to protect vital hardware. Our aptitude for proposing tailored air conditioning arrangements at short notice is a primary factor in us being established as one of the industry’s most reliable suppliers.

The speed with which we react to emergency callouts has been highlighted on countless occasions, including recently when an engineering consultancy sought assistance with keeping their own server room online. Rising summer temperatures had left the entire facility exposed to the risk of breaking down due to overheating, so we were contacted and asked to resolve the issue immediately.

A local Andrews technician visited the premises to conduct a site survey which enabled him to familiarise himself with the specifications prior to making a recommendation. It was then decided that a solitary 100kW fluid chiller would provide the required cooling duty connected to a series of air handlers deployed inside the target area.

So successful was our equipment that the facilities manager who arranged the chiller hire requested that we undertake a similar job for a separate client. The units remained in place for a total of two months and were only collected once seasonal temperatures began to fall.

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